Texturas Sucro, Emulsification Group 21.2 oz.

Texturas Sucro, Emulsification Group 21.2 oz.
Sucro - Chefs Albert & Ferran Adria of el Bulli?s Creation ? 21.2 oz/600 gr, Spain.

Emulsifier derived from sacarose, obtained from sterification between sacarose and fatty acids (sucroester). This product is widely used in Japan. Due to its high stability as an emulsifier it is used to prepare oil in water type emulsions. It is a product similar to water, and so it must first be dissolved in that medium. It also has aereating properties.

Ingredients: Sucroester in powder.

Characteristics: In powder form. Indissoluble in fat. It is dissolved in water with no need to apply temperature, though with heat it dissolves faster. Once it has dissolved, it must be slowly added to the fatty medium.
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