Raisins on the Vine 1 lb.

Raisins on the Vine 1 lb.
Raisins on the Vine, Red Flame Seedless Grapes - 1 lb/454 gr by Marky's Caviar, USA.

These are Red Flame Seedless Grapes, dried this season in the Mojave Desert. Because the berries are still on the vine, the raisins are very plump, and full of flavor. These rich amber-colored clusters add elegance to a cheese tray or fruit platter or enjoy fresh off the vine. Raisins are nature?s candy, and a very healthy and nutritious one at that; great as snacks for kids lunches. These flavorful raisins are loaded with natural sugars that are metabolized quickly in your body for quick energy, and it does not stick around long enough to turn into fat.

Keep in cool dry place.
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