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Oaties Sweet Biscuits 1.2 oz.

Oaties Sweet Biscuits 1.2 oz.
Oaties Sweet Biscuits - 1.2 oz/34 gr by Oaties, Scotland.

Oats are an important crop in Scotland where one of the most popular uses is for the traditional sweet biscuits known as "oaties." The Shortbread House of Edinburgh is a small family-run bakery that specializes in hand made biscuits, and these traditional oaties are some of their best.

They use the finest ingredients available: rolled oats, wheat flour, vegetable shortening, golden syrup, and coconut. The high percentage of rolled oats (33.5 %) yields a pleasing oat flavor as well as a crunchy, crumbly texture. With just a touch of sweetness, and an added note of coconut, these oaties go delightfully well with either tea or coffee. Be sure to keep plenty on hand because one is never enough!
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